Case Study:
Voter File Analysis

The Client: uses technology to simplify political engagement, to increase voter turnout, and to strengthen American democracy.

The Challenge: Assess absentee turnout among electronic signers

In 2016 debuted its innovative E-Sign technology, allowing citizens to complete, sign, and transmit their vote-by-mail applications directly from their smartphones or desktops. Although there was no control group for comparison,  still wanted to know after the election: was E-Sign effective?

The Solution: Construct comparison groups and analyze voter file

We at Pantheon Analytics used our knowledge of statistical methodology and voter file data to construct a comparison group and perform an analysis of’s E-Sign users. The detailed analysis revealed that the E-Sign program had achieved many of its goals, and also pointed to potential improvements that could make in the future.

"Pantheon Analytics gave us valuable information that we could bring to our funders, helping us prove how effective we were." -

"The Pantheon team was responsive and easy to work with. We immediately hired them again for another project." -