Our Services

Automated Reports

Scripting is our specialty. Pantheon Analytics can automate daily, weekly, and monthly reports to help you track your most important data. Got messy data spread across multiple databases? No problem. We can clean and centralize your data through APIs and other custom solutions.   

Data Analysis and Consulting

We know data. From small analysis projects to large longitudinal studies, we can help you get the most out of your data. Our clients rely on us as an on-call data team, ready to answer questions through quick and rigorous analysis. If you already have a data team of your own, we can fill in when you’re down a team member — or help you recruit, assess, and train new team members. 

Experimental Design

A/B testing is a powerful method to help you optimize your website, email program, ad campaign, or offline outreach program. We are experienced consultants and trainers who can demystify the process. Whether through ongoing counsel or a one-time workshop, we want to help you adopt the culture of testing that was so vital to the 2012 Obama campaign’s success.

Customized Tools

Does your website need a searchable database that gives fast, clean results to your visitors? Do your team members need tools for generating data reports on the fly? Pantheon Analytics can build custom tools for external and internal audiences. We can also build the structure for the tool’s underlying database and help maintain data integrity during updates.

List Growth Analysis and Fundraising Strategy

Pantheon Analytics has deep experience with online fundraising and list acquisition. Whether you need help with strategy, content, optimization, or ROI tracking, we can help you raise more money for your organization or campaign. 

Workshops and Speaking

The partners of Pantheon Analytics are experienced trainers and speakers. Previous workshop topics include A/B testing, online fundraising, list acquisition, social media analytics, and skillbuilders on tools such as SQL and Excel. We can create a customized workshop to meet your needs.  Often our clients combine a one-day workshop with an additional day of  “office hours”-style consulting.