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Case Study: Facebook Ads Analytics Pipeline

The front end analytics of an advertising platform can provide you with useful insights, but not usually in a format where you can easily explore your data and add other useful sources. Thankfully nearly all ad platforms have APIs that allow you to request and download all the data you need. These APIs are handy but they can also be non-standard, time consuming, and opaque. A client approached Pantheon to design a process to automatically download all their advertising analytics through their respective APIs and upload them to a centralized database where they could easily manipulate their data. 

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Case Study: Vote-By-Mail Analysis

In 2016, many counties in Utah began conducting their elections entirely by mail (a system variously called Vote By Mail or Vote At Home). After the election concluded, one of Pantheon Analytics’ clients commissioned a study on the effects of the new laws on voter turnout turnout. Using several statistical methods we found that Vote By Mail increased voter turnout, especially among low-propensity and mid-propensity voters. By carefully controlling for differences between the Vote By Mail and non-VBM counties, we harnessed the power of Utah’s natural experiment to discover a significant effect.

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Case Study: Voter File Analysis

In 2016 when Vote.org developed an innovative method to help voters electronically sign their absentee ballot requests, it implemented the new technology right away. But without a control group, what was the best way to analyze whether the new electronic signature method was effective? After the election, Vote.org came to Pantheon Analytics for help. We designed and executed a voter file analysis, constructing a pseudo-control group to contextualize turnout levels among E-Sign users.

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Case Study: Automating A Report

Online ads are a common method for organizations to reach out to new potential subscribers. But tracking the return on investment (ROI) of these ads requires good data. In 2016 EMILY’s List needed regular updates on its ad ROI in order to make quick decisions about which online ads were effective. We automated nightly reports to consolidate the most important data into one easy-to-read document, allowing for quick decision-making and better ROI.

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